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Here is how I can help you...

What I check for, clear & heal

  • Spirits Attachments 

  • Possession 

  • Psychic Attack

  • EMF Stress (Electromagnetic Frequencies)

  • Abusive Relationships

  • Negative Power Objects

  • Spooky Rooms 

  • Energetic Attachments

  • Water Veins 

  • Ley lines 

  • Mass Consciousness

  • Wetiko Influences

  • Negative Beliefs & Imprints

  • Soul Damage

  • Negative Atmosphere

  • Struggling Business

  • Energy Lines

  • Curses & Spells

  • Chakra Problems

  • Geopathic Stress

  • Subconscious Trauma

  • And more...

Full Clearing & Healing


Studio or 1 Bed

2 Bed Home

Full Clearing & Healing


3-4 Bed Home

Full Clear & Healing


Larger Home
5 Beds +

Full Clearing &  Healing



Full Clearing &  Healing

Office Scene

Moving Home

Energy Clearing to Sell your Home


Spiritual Healing
 Distance or In Person


Spiritual Emergency
 Urgent Energy Clearing


Clearing & Healing weekly

Total Healing Package



How do I work?

I clear remotely, this allows me to work more safely and be more focused. People are often curious about this, but I say energy is energy and it really doesn't make any difference if I am in your home or clearing a property on the other side of the world.

My work involves checking your home & land, and everyone including pets that live there or your business. I look for and clear negative energies from many different sources from etheric, spiritual, karmic to physical. 

The list of what I check for and clear is continually evolving and is quite varied from the obvious being dark energies, attachments and lost souls to the more unusual such as rituals on the land, vows and curses, past life attachments and trauma, inappropriate guides, elementals such as tree and animal spirits and most recently I have worked with people who have vaccination damage and graphene issues.

After the clearing/healing we can connect and I will take you through what I have found and cleared and I will ask you to share your own impressions and I will answer any questions you may have. I will also follow up after 2 weeks to check and clear any residual energies.

Healing Stones

If you would like to heal your home or your business

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