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and I heal people and their spaces; clearing negative energy from you and your home, creating a sense of relief and lightness so you can return to a positive and harmonious life 

Hi I'm David

David's, kind unassuming, supportive approach gave us both so much support in some very dark times and without his unique skills life would be very different. I couldn't recommend David enough! Patient, kind, professional and highly adept as a healer.

- J. Matthews

Everything is energy whether its physical and seen or non- physical and unseen


Do you have a haunted house with ghostly goings-on?

Do you have creepy corners, feel spooked or shiver when you walk into a room?

Do you feel negative energy around your home and is this affecting your health?

Are you desperate to move house, but you just can't sell?

Does the energy of your home just feel 'off'?

Have you had less vitality since you moved house?

Negative energies can feed negative emotions such as anger, frustration, irritability and depression 

They can affect your self-worth, the behaviour of your children, your relationships and the workings of your business

This can feed into a self-perpetuating downward spiral that continues to draw more negativity into your life

Do you have energetic blocks in your life that keep coming back? That you struggle to get around?

Are you struggling with all the negative energy 'out there?'

You may not know why you’re coming to me.  But I will find out...

Hi, I'm David...

Energy Healer, Dowser and Natural Health Consultant, Pharmacist.
I use my 40+ years of healing experience to help transform negative energy from the darkness to the light. It is my aim to remove all negative and detrimental energies that may be affecting you, your family, pets, home and business. Making life better for as many people as I can.

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Are you being affected by Negative Energies?

We are all affected by the energy surrounding us. We may feel more tired around certain people, shiver when entering a room or find it impossible to sleep soundly, negative energy can impact our lives in many ways. 

If you are struggling to get a good nights sleep or are affected by disturbing dreams or nightmares.


If you don't feel 'at home' in 'your home'.


If you are an energy healer struggling with your own energy levels or have just taken on too much or simply at the end of your tether, then I would love to help you.


I have lived in a haunted house myself and having experienced strong negative energy in my home first hand, know exactly what you are going through and would have liked to know there was somebody like me out there to help.

I’ve been intuitive and sensitive all my life and felt energy since I was a child. Everything is energy. I was tutored by the top mediums in the UK over 20 years ago, and I have travelled the world teaching people how to use the energy of food to transform their lives and turn their health around. Now, I use my experience with this unseen force to help transform negative energy from the darkness to light. Improving the lives of those who seek me out.

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